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Showcase  - Knowledge Content Objects and Knowledge Content Carrier Architecture

This DEMO is intended to explain the concept of KNOWLEDGE CONTENT OBJECTS (KCOs). It will give you the opportunity to explore the standard structure of these objects on the basis of two sample KCOs.

  • A KCO is like a website, but at the same time, it is also the description of that website and it is also at the same time a standardised object that can be stored and manipulated using various tools.
  • The demo will allow you to "zoom" into the internal structure and it will also allow you to view the object as a website.
  • KCOs are our way of combining human readable/viewable/audible content and machine-readable descriptions of that content.

Goto introductory demo of Knowledge Content Objects


Once you have understood the basic idea, and if you are interested in the more advanced technical concepts you can access further demos which use the real KCO model and the real software which manipulates KCOs. WARNING: the advanced demo requires some knowledge about semantic web technologies.


Goto advanced demonstration page